The History of the New Scale Motorcycles

"Scale"  Dalm (Later model)





Late 1915







Motorcycle magazine







Engine. fitted with 2 h.p. 2 stroke Twin Port Dalm
Magneto.  E.I.C.
Carburettor. unknown
Lubrication  is petrol-oil and a pump takes the oil from the oil tank to the Petrol
Gearbox  gearbox and clutch. (type unknown at present)
Forks Druid
Made by:-
H. J. Scale & Co
Yarburgh Street
Alexander Park
Great Britain







This is the late 1915 version of New Scale with a Dalm engine, note the swept back handlebars, aluminium footplates being  introduced for comfort of the rider, but the main modification was the introduction of a gearbox and clutch.


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