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The "Items of Interest" presented here regard Henry John Scale an early pioneer of motor cycle industry based in Manchester, Great Britain in1905, we are privileged to include in this portion of the website his close peers life and times, presenting to our visitors their many achievements, with events which they shared, along with the history and development of the motor cycle industry at the beginning of the twentieth century.

It was during this period that the early motor cycle manufacturers began to experiment in their designs and various innovations which were driven by the new sport of motor cycle races, including, hill climbs and endurance events with ever more powerful machines which produce tough, fast, reliable motor cycles of their time.

These enhancements were soon to be found on the public's machines.

With the onset of the First World War the industry flourished in manufacturing terms, yet many of those young riders before the war were to volunteer for the arm forces and it's their story we also present here.


1st. A letter from Paul Morgan to Mark Scale

2nd. The Motor Cycle Magazine dated 12th August 1912

3rd. Gilbert Hall and the Royal Flying Corp

4th. Thrills and Spills at Axehill