The History of the New Scale Motorcycles


New Scale at "The first Stockport and District Open Hill Climb"

at Axe Edge  in 1913

Here we see H. J. Scale himself at the start of the first open hill climb for Stockport and District M.C.C. in 1913.

The first open climb took place on Saturday September 1913 at Axe Hill a 1 in 8 gradient on a smooth road with only two bends, and 1 miles in length. F.S.Whitworth on a Douglas went off first, but only got half way, as his timing gear stripped this took a lot of interest out of the lightweight classes as W Heaton on an (A.J.S.) had it all his own way in these classes and won all three.

H.J.Scale, riding a machine of his own make- with 3 h.p. overhead JAP also won three classes

(We are grateful for the information that came from The Motor Cycle magazine and Mortons Publications for the above article which is but portion of the whole account of the day)