The History of the New Scale Motorcycles


Restoration Project of a 1924 350c.c. "New Scale" (Bradshaw) motorcycle


These photographs show this 1924 "New Scale" in rather a sad condition, when first found by the Scale family early in 1994    We were surprised to see the 1942 excise licence disc in its holder attached to the motorcycle front forks, (which can be seen in our next photograph).

 During the Second World War most probably 1942, it was put in to storage,  there remaining until recent times, when the then owner began some restoration on the motorcycle, but was unable to complete it.

It was then purchased by the Scale Family where a full restoration took place bring it back to prestige condition.

This New Scale will be taking part in the Isle of Man Centenary T.T. run on Monday 28th May 2007.

Visitors to our website will able to see just how well it does later next month when we return from the T.T. centenary.  

(Click Here to see the motorcycle in action)




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