The History of the New Scale Motorcycles

"Model A. New Scale"



















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"Model A. New Scale"

Engine  3 h.p. Precision 2 stroke.(350 c.c.)
Magneto. BTH or Thomson-Bennett
Carburettor  AMAC
Gearbox. Sturmey Archer 2 speed.
Transmission Chain cum belt
Wheels. Avon "Stonehenge" 262 tyres.
Forks.     Brampton Bi Flex
Brakes  Front Bowden Brake- Hand Controlled, rear acts in belt groove of belt rim, operated by foot lever.
Finish Crimson. Lined gold, tank panelled in silver grey, black & gold, wheels etc black
Price. 90 Guineas Solo with sidecar 123.
Has stands front and rear. Advertisement October 20th 1921 Motorcycle.                Due to surplus form an Export Order- bikes that differ slightly were available for 59.10s.0d.Finished all in black










Model A New Scale


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