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The 1924 Sidecar Race


We are here pleased to quote from an article taken from the Motor Cycle magazine of July 1924 describing the T.T. Sidecar Race which The New Scale was to bring home its best performance. (4th position.)

We will not quote the whole article but just selected portions that give a flavour of this exciting race:

" An item of interest in the 350 c.c. section is that Reed is using a J.A.P. engine, Tinker a Blackburne and Taylor (New Scale) a Bradshaw.

Helmets are now being strapped down and passengers are preparing."

The Taylor mention here is J Taylor and not to be confused with  A.E.Taylor who was riding in the same race but on a O.E.C. Blackburne motorcycle.

" Harry Reed is cheered as he signals that all is well, while Alexander (Douglas) passes very fast and Taylor (O.E.C. Blackburne) stops to fill, having some slight difficulty in getting away.

Reed's J.A.P. engine is doing wonders for its time is under 50 mins.

Grinton (Norton) stops at Quarter Bridge in trouble with his controls, and carries on, holding his throttle wire in his hand. Hard luck, for he was lying second.

Taylor (New Scale) passes with his passenger waving greetings. His Bradshaw engine running splendidly."

The article goes on to describe the third and final lap.

"Third Lap:

        1. G Tucker (Norton) 2hrs 12 mins 3secs, 51.44 m.p.h.

        2. A Taylor ( O.E.C.) 2hrs 24 mins 36 secs 46.98 m.p.h.

        3. H Reed (Dot) 2hes 33mins 41 secs, 44.2 m.p.h.

        4. J Taylor (New Scale) 2hrs 41 mins 34 secs., 42.04 m.p.h.

        5. A Tinker (Matador) 2hrs 41 mins 40secs 42.01 m.p.h.

        6. G Grinton (Norton) 2hrs. 42mins 45 secs. 41.74 m.p.h.

Meanwhile Taylor (New Scale) and Tinker (Matador) are having a struggle on their own and Taylor's Bradshaw now leads Tinker's Blackburne by a narrow margin.

Both are driving finely and Taylor passes the pits non-stop a bare minute before Tinker stops to refill the Matador.

Longman (Coventry-Victor) is held up on the mountain while Tucker passes Craig-ny Baa to roar home an easy winner at 51.31 m.p.h. which is rather slower than last year.

The maroons signal that no more laps may be commenced as Tucker finishes amidst tremendous cheering, as he is a most popular winner and the Norton victory becomes an accomplished fact at last"

For Henry John Scale this race must have proved that The New Scale motorcycles were up there with the very best of them and if the times had been more kind to the Company one has to wonder how much more could they have achieved?


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