The History of the New Scale Motorcycles

"New Scale Bradshaw 2 (349 c.c.)






1923 October 11th/18th














The Motorcycle Olympia Show Guide














"New Scale Bradshaw 2

Engine  Bradshaw 2 (349) c.c. single four stroke oil cooled overhead valves
Carburettor  Binks or AMAC
Gearbox. 3 Speed Sturmy Archer
Transmission  All chain
Wheels.  Round Base rims Tyres 650x65
Forks.    Brampton spring forks with plain top links
Brakes  Internal Expanding drum front and back
Finish Black Lined gold
Price. solo  57.10s with sidecar 74







The report in October 11th states that it is 6 months since the introduction of the Bradshaw engined New Scale and it has already become one of the most popular machines embodying this engine. Its success has been due largely to its excellent steering qualities. A new frame should still enhance its reputation by slightly sloping the top tube; a still lower saddle position has been obtained. In the steering column is fitted a small cross-bar for mounting the headlamp bracket speedometer, or other accessory











New Scale 2 Bradshaw


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