The History of the New Scale Motorcycles

"New Scale Bradshaw Model"








May 8th 1924


May 22nd 1924












New Scale  Catalogue       

The Motorcycle

The Motorcycle














"New Scale Bradshaw Model

Engine 2 HO.OHV oil-cooled 350 c.c.
Magneto. CAV
Carburettor   AMAC or Binks
Gearbox. Sturmy Archer or Jardine 3 speed
Transmission  All Chain
Wheels.   650x65 Dunlop Tyres or Hutchinson
Forks.    Brampton
Brakes  Expanding hub front&rear
Finish  Black enamel tank gold leaf lined
Price.59 .15s New Scale Combination 77.10s

New Scale Bradshaw Tradesman's Lightweight Delivery Model  77.10s














New Scale Bradshaw Model


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